Cub Scout Bike Rodeo

This page lists many of organizations, companies, individuals that have helped with donations, information and participation in our Bike Rodeo over the past 4 years.  I know there are some people that I have missed, so please let me know and I will add them to the list.

Federal-Mogul is the first sponsor on the list as they provide the location for the event along with access to their ice machine, table, chairs, electricity, and the use of the truck to move the heavy things around.

 Federal-Mogul Corporation Web Site

My Cub Scout Pack is sponsored by a local VFW Post.  The VFW is very dedicated to helping the youth in our country.  Their support of Scouting and of youth in general is very generous.  When our VFW POST heard about the Bike Rode they donated 10 youth bike helmets.  These helmets are used by Scouts who can't afford one or forgot to bring one to the rodeo.  Everyone at the rodeo on a bike has to wear a helmet (Adults included!).  The Ladies Auxiliary of Post donated a Bike Safety Kit which allowed the Scouts to apply reflective stickers to their bikes for better nighttime safety. They have also assisted with refreshments and assistance in running several of the events.
Dunham-Ray VFW Post 2645
24222 W. Nine Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48034
Phone: (248) 356-9423 

Park Tool has been manufacturing bicycle specific tools since 1963 and is currently the worlds largest bicycle tool manufacturer.  They have been kind to us by giving us a very good deal on bike tire changing tools and tire patches over the last few years.

 Park Tool Web Site

Other sponsors include:

City of Southfield Traffic Department for letting us use the barricades to block off the parking lot.
City of Southfield Police Department & Bike Patrol for putting on bike safety talks for the boys.
City Berkeley Police Department for doing safety talks with the boys and bringing their robot.
Scotty's Potties for Porta-Potties on site.
Boy Scout Troop 1677 for running the Bike Repair Station every year.
Jay Todd and his Pack for donating a chalk spreader, providing volunteers and a great sound system.
And finally a LOT of very fine dedicated Adult Scout Volunteers that come out and help every year.  More than I can name.  Thank you very very much.

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